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“Today is my 75th birthday … so I just celebrated by sitting down and reading Spring House. It’s an interesting book. The movement of the families very much corresponded with the movements of my Fortner ancestors – from Maryland to Virginia … from Virginia to Iredale, NC … from there to Butte Co., NC and then to Greene Co., TN – in very much the same time frame of the Mitchell family. So you can see that I related to the story. It also reminded me of Elmer Kelton’s Elkhorn Tavern. Thanks for sharing your research about family and history in such a delightful way.”
—JoAn Clayton, Reader

In April 2007, National Indie Excellence 2007 Book Awards announced that Spring House was a finalist in the Historical Fiction category.

“Fans of American history will find this a fascinating, fact filled read. The author puts a personal spin on history, making it more appealing to readers. Educational, entertaining and a good read.”
—Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review.

“This book brings the historical facts of a region to life. The author has done a meticulous job of research. The footnotes and resource notes only serve to emphasize this. Students are often required to read some kind of historical fiction in middle school and this would be a good one for that – a sort of North Carolina equivalent to Johnny Tremain. It is easy but interesting reading.
—Judge in the Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards

“I enjoyed reading ‘Spring House.’ … Modern genealogists are now finding ways to combine American and family history. I do not mean to suggest that we have the ability to speak and write with the facility of a David Bowles. I do want to suggest that either individually or with a “committee” of interested family members, that very readable books can be produced that appeal to an audience beyond your immediate relatives.”
—John L. Kiener, “Digging for Your Roots” from the Jonesborough Genealogical Society, Herald & Tribune, September 25, 2006

“Historically accurate, Spring House brings the mores and manners of early American history alive while telling the story of Scots-Irish families, struggling to find happiness on the new frontier. And the fact that this story is based on an actual family makes it all more compelling.” –Cindy Erdesohn, Indie Reader reviewer, January 28, 2011

“The book both is and isn’t a family history. It is a fictional account of the author’s actual ancestors, and is faithful to historical realities regarding names, places, time lines, and so on. Bowles’s deep interest in both history and genealogy is palpable and he successfully tells a compelling and historically accurate story through a fictional medium… A compelling story of love, family, community, war, struggle and history, ‘Spring House’ is much more than any ordinary family history could be, and should leave any reader feeling both satisfied and informed.”
—Arthur Erickson, Genealogy Librarian, Greensboro Public Library, in The Guilford Genealogist, Vol. 33, No. 2, Summer, 2006, Issue No. 113

“David, I read your book. To say it was good would be an understatement. I guess it means more to one when they have a personal tie to the subject matter. You sure have a God given talent to write. I found myself lost in it, and had trouble keeping track of where the facts and fiction were separate.”
—Ernest Green, Genealogy enthusiast seeking to discover connection to Adam Mitchell

“I thought the various romance story lines in your book made it enjoyable to read.”
—Dogan Perese, President of the San Antonio Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution

The ability of the author of Spring House, Book 1 in the Westward Sagas, to march back in time and into the shoes of his subject and ancestor, Adam Mitchell, is amazing. David Bowles is masterful in taking names and events from the chronicles of history and weaving them into a captivating story of life and feelings of the militiamen who fought for Guilford Courthouse. I look forward to Book 2 in the Westward Sagas.”
—Nancy Watts, Intrigued by ancestral history and geneaology

“This was a very interesting book, I didn’t want it to end. Although I am not a huge fan of historical writing, I enjoyed this book. The writer made the meshing of story and history very entertaining.”
—Ellen Hogan for Reader Views

“I finished your book and I thought it was fantastic. I’m a history buff, and my family goes back to 1600s North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. Your novel gave me an idea of what they must have gone through. I’m looking forward to the next installment to see what happens to the Mitchells in Tennessee.”
—Bill Williams, Real Estate Agent

“David Bowles has blended genealogy, American history and imaginative dialogue to a produce a book, Spring House, that should have wide appeal. His outstanding scholarship furnishes a firm foundation to a very readable story of a family’s adventures in the Revolutionary War period. A sure fire combination of romance, war, and hardships overcome.”
—Joseph N. Ware, Commander, Texas Brigade, Descendents of Washington’s Army at Valley Forge

“Spring House by David Bowles is a fascinating historical book. Personal stories of this type make history explode into reality and help us to connect with the past and our own roots. I am really looking forward to book number 2.”
—Bill Hilliard, Retired History Teacher

“I sat down to read a few pages and couldn’t get up until I had read the entire book. It’s just the kind of family story I love, and it’s an easy read. I can’t wait for 2007 for the sequel.”
—Marilyn Militzer, Avid Reader

“The book was interesting, and I learned a lot about Revolutionary times.”
—Mitch Hovden, well known motorcycle racer from Lubbock, Texas (#161N to his fans)

“In the 9 years I have known my husband, this is the only book that he has ever read cover to cover that was not about motorcycles.”
—Elaine Hovden, Mitch Hovden’s wife

“A fascinating account of life in the early days of our country from the perspective of a Scot-Irish Presbyterian clan. It’s based on facts, but also very entertaining. Think it should be a TV mini-series!”
—Karen Thompson, Travel Agent

“Each night I read aloud two chapters to my husband. Each day we looked forward to the nightly read-alouds. We found the history fascinating and the story good reading.”
—Bonnie Disney, M. Ed., J.D., Teacher Specialist-On-Site, South Carolina

“I enjoyed the book and look forward to the sequel.”
—Paul Ruckman, History Buff

The history and the human story were woven together well.”
—Nancy Harwell, Educator

“This is the story of ordinary Americans in extraordinary circumstances, people who became heroes because of the way they responded to their situations. It is about great followers for without followers, there would have been no great leaders.”
—Grace Anne Schaefer, Retired Teacher, Publisher, Author of The New Day Dawns

“Spring House is first a great love story of an ordinary man thrust into extraordinary historical circumstances during the American Revolutionary War at the time of the pivotal Guilford Court House Battle, the turning point of the American Revolutionary War.

Secondly, the story is the saga of the great westward movement of men and women pioneering and leading their families and friends to the frontier of America with the great hope and expectation of a better life for themselves and their children.

The story is an excellent opportunity for adults and children to visualize the Colonial and American Revolutionary life and times through the eyes of one ordinary patriot and his family members, Adam Mitchell (1745-1802).”

—Dennis M. Kulvicki, President, The STAR DAY Foundation

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