David Bowles

The Westward Sagas: Historical Fiction by David Bowles

The Westward Sagas tell the story of the Mitchell family’s 100-year odyssey west from Pennsylvania to Texas.

The story begins in North Carolina with Spring House, moves forward to Tennessee in Adam’s Daughters, and continues with Children of the Revolution as the family grows. Book four of the Westward Sagas is about the family moving to Texas in 1839.

The author’s scrupulous research ensures historical accuracy, and the storytelling talents he inherited from his ancestors make the stories exciting and entertaining for his readers. Everything in the Westward Sagas is compatible with known history. However, because there are gaps in recorded history, David has imagined what might have happened and included these imagined events in the story. Everything could have happened as described in his stories; however, no one knows if everything did happen as described.

Although the books are written for an adult audience, they are appropriate for young adults as well.

Spring House                   

The Mitchells just wanted to be left alone to farm their land, practice their faith, and raise their family. But their response to the extraordinary circumstances of frontier life, politics, and war made heroes of these ordinary citizens. Adam fought the British, while his mother, wife, and children endured deprivation and danger on the family farm in the midst of the battle. The story of Adam's two loves--his first wife Jennetta who died bearing their son and his second wife Elizabeth who bore him twelve more children--creates the human backdrop to the historical events of Revolutionary War times. Learn More»

Adam's Daughters

In Adam’s Daughters: Book 2, Peggy Mitchell, a survivor of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse, grows up in Jonesborough, Tennessee during the tumultuous first twenty years of the nation’s existence. Though haunted by memories of war, she matures into strong, independent young woman who is courted by Andrew Jackson and who has a freed slave as her best friend. Her younger brothers and sisters become her surrogate children and students. Together the children of Adam and Elizabeth take on renegade Indians, highwaymen, and the hardships of an untamed land. Learn More»

Children of the Revolution

The hundred-year odyssey of the Westward Sagas is not about war, but how it affected the Mitchell family. Children of the Revolution: Book 3 in the Westward Sagas Series takes up where Adam’s Daughters: Book 2 left off-in Tennessee shortly after statehood. The series continues with the next generation of the Mitchell Family. Peggy, the protagonist in Adam’s Daughters, takes on a stronger role as she matures into a confident woman courted by British nobility. Children of the Revolution uncovers the untold reason North Carolina never ratified the U.S. Constitution. Adventure, intrigue, romance and tragedy are woven into the story of the first generation of Americans. Learn More»
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