adamsdaughters_frontcover_web“Eye-opening and heart-rending, Adam’s Daughters is both a historical and literary jewel not to be missed.” ~ Renee Washburn, Apex Reviews (rated 5 stars)

Dear Mr. Bowles, I love your books.  I read “Spring House” in two days!  I could barely put it down.  I am now reading “Adam’s Daughters” and can barely set it down.  You are so gifted at story telling. Keep those stories coming. ~ Susan Legan, San Antonio

“Just back in from a glorious weekend spent unwinding (camping)….. Spent a good slug of this time lying on the grass next to a babbling brook, reading and enjoying Adam’s Daughters.  An excellent read—it really has been a blissful weekend! My congrats to the author.” ~ Advocate Dave Mitchell, Cape Town, South Africa; Dave also wrote a 5-star review for Adam’s Daughters at

“I just finished Adam’s Daughters and found it to be a great book and a very intriguing story that keeps one looking for the next chapter to see what is going to happen. Put me down for the third book in the series.” ~ Col. Harry Long, Retired AF Veteran of WWII

“I have so enjoyed Bowles’ two books. They combine genealogy with references to the History of the United States that is both easy to read and instructive. … The book is full of accounts of the daily routine of life in Jonesborough during the early years after statehood. It weaves historical characters like Andrew Jackson into the lives of ordinary residents. The combination is a winning formula.” ~ John L. Kiener, “Digging for Your Roots” from the Jonesborough Genealogical Society, Herald & Tribune

“There was a great deal of realism in this book. What was most interesting to me was the issue of race. Peggy’s trail master was a Black man (Daniel).” ~ Bluestocking, The Bluestocking Guide (rated LI-Like it)

“When I first started this book, I thought it would be dull. Not so! It has been hard to put down. History in fiction takes one back to the 1700s. You feel like you are on an adventure. It is the actual story of Adam Mitchell’s family. Your faith will even be encouraged and you will see God was there in that era of history too. This was an untamed land. Indians, a freed slave, a woman who is strong and independent, war, and so much more will make you a survivor. Please read book 1 first and be ready to want book 3 of the Books of the Westward Sagas series.” ~ Jane Squires, Wasola, Missouri

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