Assassination Conspiracy

More documents related to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination will soon be released. Many still believe JFK’s death was a government conspiracy. I was a believer of a conspiracy for 32 years. Until I heard first hand from Waggoner Carr, one of the few people that had seen all the evidence of the Warren Commission and personally conducted the Texas criminal investigation of President Kennedy’s assassination. At the time of President Kennedy’s death and the wounding of Texas Governor John Connally, Waggoner Carr was the Attorney General of Texas.

His investigation and the Warren Commission report, concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I had known and admired the former AG who had served as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives from 1951-1961. He was a true Texas gentleman.

As an attorney, Waggoner Carr, had done pro-bono legal work for a non-profit organization when I served as its President. In 1995, I invited Attorney Carr to speak to the members of the organization at our monthly breakfast meeting at the Petroleum Club in San Antonio. He had known my parents and graciously accepted. Waggoner and Ernestine, his wife of many years, drove in from Austin the evening before the early morning meeting.

I took them to dinner at the Petroleum Club. We were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Davis and Rob Sutherland. As the women conversed about children and grandchildren, the men listened intently to Waggoner, who was a great storyteller. When the conversation turned to the Kennedy Assassination, I learned the Carr’s attended the breakfast for President and First Lady at the Rice Hotel in Houston the morning before that fateful day in November 1963.

They left the Presidential entourage to fly to a luncheon in Dumas. President Kennedy, VP Johnson, Governor Connally and their wives flew to Carswell AFB near Fort Worth. Waggoner Carr and Ernestine would meet the Presidential Party in Dallas for a luncheon at the Trade Center the next day. They did not know about the assassination until landing in Dallas.

The AG and Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade first thought it was a conspiracy. There were many theories about this strange little man that pulled the trigger. Did he act alone? He had made trips that drew suspicion. Several theories were discussed, which our guest addressed adequately. Eventually the gentleman Waggoner was, smiled and shook his head and said, “Never was a crime so thoroughly investigated as the JFK assassination and, like Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, there will always be those that have their own theory.”

Knowing him as I did, I accepted the fact that Oswald acted alone. I’m sure many authors will research the newly released material and write a book or two. I will not be one of them! Driving the Carr’s back to their hotel, I asked Waggoner why all the documents hadn’t been released. He answered, “I suppose…out of respect for the President’s family.”

In the sixties, regardless of your political affiliation, American’s respected our President and his family. Something that I see missing today.

Waggoner Carr

A True Texas Gentleman


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