You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

We often hear you can’t judge a book by its cover. True, you can’t tell the literary quality of a book by its cover.

With the help of a graphic artist, the author’s story can be depicted on a books cover. It can provide the reader with; time period, location, and a glimpse at the protagonist. The title should also tell the story. In the Westward Sagas, I had in mind a different name for the first book. Once the manuscript was finished and I read it from start to finish, I knew it must be named Spring House. Book 2, Adam’s Daughters, was named from the start because the story was about Patriot Adam Mitchell’s three oldest daughters growing up in Jonesborough,TN. The Chester Inn, the town’s oldest existing building, is on the cover with Peggy, Ibby, and Rebeckah sitting in a farm wagon dressed as farmer’s daughters in 1790 dress. Time, location, and vocation are visually established.

Book 3 in the Westward Sagas, was originally to be Adam’s Sons, as I traveled and did book signings, buyers of the first books asked about Peggy. I brought her back into Book 3; Peggy soon became the protagonist. The book was renamed Peggy, which I announced on this blog and elsewhere.

Those who have read advanced copies of Book 3 say this is truly a book about The Children of the Revolution who; survived a great battle on their farm, witnessed the destruction of their home, and became part of this nation’s first generation.


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