Why Writers Need Dogs

Lulubelle Driving Miss Daisy

My ten year old yellow lab, Daisy, has been bringing in the San Antonio Express newspaper since she was six months old. When the paper hit the driveway, Daisy insisted I open the door, knowing the paper was important and getting it was her job.

A few months ago I noticed that Daisy lost interest in her job. I just attributed it to her age. I tried to train the younger lab, Lulubelle, for the job – taking her out, pointing at the paper. Lulubelle let me know “she didn’t do papers.” Frisbees, sticks, or tennis balls were her thing and she is quite good at retrieving them. I gave up and started getting the paper myself.

Easter weekend I went out of town. A friend stays with the dogs when I travel. When I returned, she mentioned that Daisy had brought the papers in. Surprised, I asked her how she did it. She said the same thing as always. When the paper is thrown, she looks at Daisy and with excitement in her voice, says “let’s get the paper.” When Daisy picks the paper up, she says “good girl” praising her and gives her a treat. Something I knew, but had not been doing.

I realized that in my efforts to make the deadline for book 3 of the Westward Sagas, I have neglected my dogs, not giving them the love and attention needed. We are back on track taking walks, throwing balls, giving praise and treats. I hope to soon connect with family and friends whom I have neglected the last few months.

Sometimes it takes a dog to remind us of the important things in life.

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