Two Important Things: Accuracy and Assistance

Recently I asked for help in finding accurate information about Nicholas Fain. Although I’d done a lot of research, I had come up with contradictory information, and I wanted to get accurate information for my book.

After Spring House was published, I discovered the name of one of Adam Mitchell’s daughters, my great great grandmother, was misspelled. And several years ago, I learned that one of my family’s favorite stories about an ancestor was wrong. So getting the facts straight has become even more important to me.

Fortunately, I have found that people involved in genealogy are always helpful. Several people contacted me, and I got the information and documentation I need from Fain descendant Margaret Price Eike.

Descendants of Adam Mitchell and people with ancestors named Bowles have also contacted me. In some cases, we were related; in others, we couldn’t find any relationship. But every contact provided helpful information and a chance to meet someone else enthusiastic about genealogy and family history.

So, I’ve said it before to people who’ve helped me in the past. Now I’ll say it again to every one who is helping me today – thanks!

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