Turn Out the Lights, the Party is Over

As the Willie Nelson song goes, after the last float in the Flambeau Parade passes Saturday night, the 2012 San Antonio Fiesta is over. The city will be back to normal by Monday morning; many organizations that make this grand event possible will start planning for next year’s Fiesta, as always looking to make it bigger and better.

The grand finale of Fiesta is the Flambeau, the largest illuminated night parade in America. Flambeau is a French word, for a long candlestick or burning torch. The early Flambeau parades were lit by torch-bearing brigades of men carrying pyrotechnic type flares on the end of 5 foot poles. Today, thanks to long lasting batteries and portable generators, lighting the parade has been greatly improved and much safer.  

Known as the people’s parade where everyone can participate, if their entry is approved by the parade committee. Shriners in fez’s, dressed as clowns, riding bikes and little motor cars. It’s hard to tell who is having the most fun, the spectators or the participants. Lighted floats with Fiesta royality and special guests from all over. It’s a grand ole time in San Antonio every April. Come next year and the señorita’s will show you their el zapatos.

Viva Fiesta 2013!

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