‘Tis the Season for Christmas Cards

I received my first Christmas card on the day after Thanksgiving from long-time friend Linda Murray. She wins the category of first card received this year. As many of my friends know, for the last few years I have hosted a contest (of sorts) for the best Christmas card, or the one from the farthest place, etc. You get the idea. There isn’t a red carpet gala, and about the only press on the matter will be found on this blog in early January when I post the results.

It is my way of acknowledging my appreciation for those people who still send Christmas greetings by mail. I have a large extended family and many friends that I don’t get to see as often as I would like. Their cards let me know they thought enough about me to take the time to send a card. I enjoy the cards, and they stay up on my mantle until after the New Year.

The sending of all written correspondence seems to be coming to an end. Even the need for the beleaguered U.S. Postal System is being seriously questioned. The reasons are obvious: cost of postage, time restraints, and the popularity of social networking.

My Christmas cards to my offline friends are in the mail. Here is the online version for all my blog friends.

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