The Story of a Pioneer Woman

During my day in Ackerman, MS, Dennis Dobbs took me to the grave of Nancy Estes Cockerham, an ancestor of both of us. Born Dec. 27, 1776, she rode down the Natchez Trace on horseback in 1842. She was leading the way and ahead of the rest of the group. When they caught up with her, they found her horse near a tree and Mrs. Cockerham lying under the tree paralyzed. She was in pain and couldn’t move, so the people traveling with her built a lean-to and stayed with her til she died. They buried her where she fell, just a few feet off the original Natchez Trace. Her daughter Kitty, who married Perleman Carroll Bowles (my great great grandfather), buried her and stayed in the area grieving for quite some time. Since Nancy Cockersham was a Revolutionary War descendant, the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) care for her grave, as isolated and hard to find as it is.

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