The Band Played On

February 28, 1836 – The siege of the Alamo was now in its sixth day. Lt. Col. William Travis shared news with his men that enforcements were in route from La Bahia (Goliad). The Mexican Army now had 1500 troops camped across the river. They frequently fired randomly on the defenders. Santa Anna’s band played loudly for hours in attempts to unnerve the Texan’s. Constant vigilance was kept on the compounds aqueducts as the enemy tried several times to dam the Alamo’s flow of water.

The welcome news that help was on the way lifted the defenders spirits, a jubilant Davy Crockett challenged John McGregor to a music contest. His fiddle against the Scotsman’s bagpipes, the first to stop playing was the loser. Tonight they would compete, playing loudly inside the walls as others danced jigs and reels. Tonight the enemy would listen to the strange instruments of the Anglo intruders.

Note: Davy Crockett’s fiddle pictured below is on display at the Witte Museum, in the new South Texas Heritage Center, 3801 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78209, (210) 357-1900.

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