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Known by various names, most commonly Real Simple Syndication, RSS allows people to subscribe to their favorite sites available in XML format. WordPress has offered RSS since long before I started using the software for my blog. However, many people didn’t have (or at least didn’t know they had) a feed aggregator, the software need to check sites regularly and assemble the updated information. Folks “in the know” used Web browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and software designed specifically for Web feeds. But many people who don’t  keep up with the latest and greatest on the Internet didn’t have easy access.

Now Microsoft has made RSS feeds available through its ubiquitous Web browser. Internet Explorer 7 includes a button on the toolbar that lets you know if RSS is available on a site you visit. The button is grayed out on most Web sites and turns orange on any site that offers a RSS feed.

Click on the orange button to view the feeds and click on “subscribe” when you view the feed. In the options, you can choose how often you want the sites checked – anywhere from every four hours to once a week. Subscribe to Writing the Westward Sagas and never miss a post!

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