Starting a Book

When I started Adam’s Daughters, I was surprised and pleased to discover how much more prepared I am now than I was when I started Spring House.  I had tons of research, and I was ready to tell everything I’d learned. But I didn’t know anything about writing and wasn’t even clear on what I was going to write; the book started out as a nonfiction family history.

The previous post describes how I came to write fiction, but I had a lot to learn. I took some classes and attended some conferences, which were helpful. But the most valuable thing was to get feedback on my work from an objective source that could help me improve my writing.

I read a short e-book, Preserving Memories: How to Write a Family History, that I found helpful so I hired the author Lillie Ammann as my editor. As I finished the first draft of each chapter, I sent it to Lillie. She made suggestions and returned the edited chapter to me. It was a thrill to discover that each chapter had fewer suggestions and changes than the last as my writing improved.

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