Shoot out on Route 66

Gunfire erupted one block from where the dogs and I were dining alfresco, at a local tavern on Route 66. No one seemed alarmed; someone was shot every night near the train station in Williams, Arizona. Every evening there is a shoot out, put on by a motley crew of cowboys, for the tourist’s entertainment.

Everyone enjoyed it, except my dog Daisy, who doesn’t like; gun fire, fireworks or lightning. Nothing bothers Lulubelle, she never flinched while the shots echoed through the business district of the historic old west town. Fortunately, we had just had our picture taken at Williams Old Time Photos, 117 W. Route 66, by Brandy and Kendra. The patient photographer, Kendra with Brandy’s assistance, managed to capture us, looking at the camera at the same time. Daisy is in the blue bandana and Lulubelle is in the red bandana.

My next blog will be about my train ride from Williams to the Grand Canyon.

We can’t wait to get on the road again

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