Sharing Family History with Cousins I Didn’t Know I Had

Even when I wasn’t actively blogging, I had people visit the blog and leave comments.

One of those visitors was Becky Van Cleve. She was doing research on Lorenzo Van Cleve and his wife Margaret Smith Cleve, her husband John’s ancestors. An Internet search led her to my post Oops! A Lesson Learned, in which I talked about my ancestor Lorenzo Van Cleve. She left me a comment, and we started to communicate in e-mail.

It turns out that John and I share the same great-great-grandfather. Becky and John live about fifty miles from me. They have lots of documentation on the Van Cleve line that I don’t have and vice-versa. So we’re getting together soon to get acquainted and share information.

The Van Cleves will come into The Westward Sagas in the third book, Rebeckah, so I will probably cut down my research time for that book having access to John and Becky’s information.

I’m glad to get the information they have to share, but I’m even more excited to get acquainted with long-lost cousins I’ve never met.

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