School Kids Today Are Missing Something …

From the time I started first grade at Becker Elementary School in south Austin in 1950, my school days started in a similar way.

We began the day by saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the US flag and the Pledge to the Texas Flag.

Then we had a short prayer.

After the prayer, we sang the official state flower song of Texas: Bluebonnets, about the beautiful flowers that bloomed every spring.

I remember a man I thought was the author coming to our class one day when I was in elementary school to lead us in this song. However, it appears that the song was written by two women, so I’m not sure who the man was that I was so impressed to have at my school.

Beginning the day this way made my day. I was proud to put my hand over my heart and pledge allegiance to both the national and state flags. It made me feel good to hear a prayer and sing a song about our state.

Unfortunately children of today who attend public schools are denied the opportunity to start their day with this good feeling. Only those who can afford to go to private school enjoy this opportunity

I believe children who don’t have this positive start to their school day are missing something good.

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