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One of the joys of RVing is the interesting people I meet in my travels. At the K.O.A. RV Resort at Apache Canyon, near Santa Fe, New Mexico, I met fellow author Rainer M. Schröder and his wife, Helga. Rainer writes adventure novels in German.

Despite both of our native accents, Texan and German; we had a great conversation one evening about the book business. We agreed on many things about writing and I learned much from Rainer and Helga. I noticed Helga has a keen sense of marketing books; they have been married many years and make a great team.

Rainer is a well known author in his native Germany, having won numerous literary awards for his historical novels. We both write stories about events that actually happened; researching them thoroughly, creating fictional characters and scenes to bring history to life.

He has over twenty books listed on his FB page, none have yet been translated. I invite my German speaking friends to read his works. Hopefully, someday they will be translated and I too can enjoy them.

Rainer M. Schröder

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