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After listening to me drop hints for the past year, my children gave me a Kindle 3G Reading Device for my birthday last month. I mentioned receiving the Kindle at my writers group and on my personal Facebook page (I also have an author/speaker page on Facebook), and many asked what I thought of it. The following is a review of the Kindle and from both a reader’s and an author’s point of view.

Three years ago I asked my Monday night writers group about the Kindle, and no one had any idea what I was talking about. I knew about the Kindle as my editor had suggested we make my books available for this new electronic device that was introducing. The first two books in the Westward Sagas Series—Spring House and Adam’s Daughters—were formatted from the start to be sold as eBooks as well as traditional paperbacks.

Being Scots-Irish and a bit old-fashioned, I have learned not to be the first to address new-fangled technology, so I held off on buying the Kindle. I continued to hear good things about the Kindle, and finally decided that I wanted one. After my children took the hints and FedEx delivered it from Amazon to my door, I knew why had, in a few short years, become the world’s largest retailer without having a store.

My gift was neatly wrapped with a gift card and the postage paid. In addition to a tutorial on the machine, a handy instruction card was enclosed. Within minutes I had downloaded my books and my hometown paper, the Austin American Statesman, which I used to deliver during my middle school years. My local paper, the San Antonio Express News, is not yet available on Kindle, but that is okay. If I subscribed to it electronically, my yellow lab Daisy would not have fetching the paper from the driveway to look forward to in the morning.

The device is everything it is advertised to be. I will not repeat what has already been said in the eight thousand reviews already on Amazon’s site as well as reviews from New York Times, Fast Company, Wired, and PC World. One big plus for me is that when Daisy, Lulubelle, and I load up the RV next year for our annual hiatus to Montana out of the Texas heat, I won’t have to carry the 300 pounds of research books that I use to write the Westward Sagas.

If Santa brings you a Kindle this Christmas, I hope you’ll download Spring House and Adam’s Daughters and read them on your new reading device.

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