Reader is Moved to Tears

Not long after Spring House was published, I spoke to a local organization. I shared a story from the book, and after the program, an elderly man approached me and said, “The people in that story you told are my family!”

Although the book is primarily about the Adam Mitchell family, many other people who lived in the area and participated in the historical events are included. The index, though unusual in a novel, makes it easy for readers to find information for their own research.

The elderly man at the meeting wanted to buy a book immediately. Can you believe I hadn’t taken any books with me? I learned that lesson – now I always have books with me wherever I go! But since I couldn’t sell him a book right then, I told him I could mail him a copy or he could attend the group booksigning with the Writer Friends of the Library, which happened to be that same evening.

He showed up at the booksigning and found the part about his ancestors. As he sat there in the bookstore reading, tears welled up in his eyes because he was so touched by reading about his own family’s heroic exploits during the Revolutionary War.

The bookstore representative saw a customer crying over my book and said, “Wow! Your book must really be good!”

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