Read an E-Book Week: Free Spring House E-Book

Read an E-Book Week 2010—you must follow the instructions for 2010 to receive free e-books March 7-13, 2010.


This week is Read an E-Book Week, a good opportunity to read an e-book if you’ve never read one before.

And there’s no better book to read for your first e-book than my historical novel Spring House. Just one reason you might enjoy the e-book version of the book, even if you love the print edition: you can search more easily than you can flipping through the pages of a printed book. The history and genealogy in Spring House are true to known history, and many of my readers are interested in a particular battle or specific persons/families. The print book contains an index to make it easy to find people, places, and events. However, searching the electronic edition will be even easier.

If you would like a free electronic copy of Spring House: Book 1 in the Westward Sagas,  leave a comment on this post by Saturday, March 14, 2009. Request a free e-book, and be sure to include your e-mail address, which won’t be visible publicly. I will e-mail you a zip file with several electronic formats (PDF, RTF, HTML).

Feel free to share why you would like to read Spring House as an e-book as well as why you like e-books or why you want to try one for the first time.

Enjoy my story, and enjoy reading an e-book during this special week.

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