Pick of the Litter

After a two year wait for one of their pups, I had the pick of the litter from the breeder. They are selective about who gets one of their dogs. She was born November 9, 2003 in Shiner, Texas. I named her for where she was born. My granddaughter Ashleigh didn’t think Shiner was a proper name for such a pretty dog. She assumed I named the pup for a beer brewed in the town by that name.

Ashleigh thought Lulu would be more appropriate and I agreed to it as this dog was a lulu. The dog’s mother was named Belle so Lulu became Lulubelle. We have traveled nearly 100K miles together telling stories and just having fun. Not once has she tried to tell me how to drive. She just enjoys the ride and I enjoy her company.

The dog characters in my writing have developed from Lulubelle and my older dog Daisy’s traits. Lulubelle has a touching role in my latest book, Children of the Revolution. I cried when I wrote the moving scene of Adam saying goodbye to a stray dog that befriended him on the battlefield of Guilford Courthouse. Books of the Westward Sagas Series may be purchased on my website by clicking here.

Happy Birthday, Lulubelle!

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