On the Road in an “Awesome Rig”

Lulubelle and I travel in an RV. There are three great reasons we travel the most expensive way there is (especially with today’s gas prices):

  • We never have to worry about whether a hotel will welcome Lulubelle—she’s always welcome in our home on the road.
  • We can stop in places like the Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park for me to write on Adam’s Daughters until we’re ready to move on to our next stop, in this case, the 103rd Galbreath Family Reunion. The descendants of William Galbreath are also descendants of Adam Mitchell, the hero of Spring House.
  • We get to meet friendly people and their wonderful pets, and Lulubelle and I just love that.

lulubelle_pawprintWe’re very proud of our rig. We’ll have to take some pictures of the trailer to show later, but for now, you can see the back window of the truck in this autographed picture of Lulubelle.  

The trailer has Westward Sagas on the front back, 8′ wide x 5′ tall, so even driving at highway speeds, folks can’t miss it coming or going. A picture of Lulubelle and me decorates the spare wheel.

Just in the few days we’ve been on the road this trip, several people have contacted me as a result of seeing us. Judy left a comment on an earlier post after she and her jack russell met us at a campground, and Doris e-mailed:

Just wanted to say Hi. Passed your awesome rig today near Greenville SC. 

One time when we were traveling, I got a call on my cell phone from a man who said, “Do you have any books for sale?”

I answered, “Yes, I’ll be glad to ship you a book, but I’m away and won’t be back in my office for a few days.”

He said, “I know. I’m in the RV parked next to you. I got your office phone number from your rig, and the lady who answered the phone in your office gave me your cell phone number. Can I come over and buy a book now?”

Most times, folks just come up and knock on the door. I’ve sold a lot of books to fellow campers and people I’ve met while traveling.

So if you see a rig with Westward Sagas in huge letters across the front and back, wave to Lulubelle and me, comment on the blog, send us an e-mail … or just walk over, knock on the door, and say “hi.”

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