Nicholas Fain: Forgotten Patriot

As I’m writing Adam’s Daughters, I’ve been doing a lot of research on Nicholas Fain. I believe he is one of the greatest patriots of the Revolution, and I’d like to give him and his family proper tribute. But I’m having a hard time finding accurate information.

I do know that Nicholas, five of his sons – Samuel, John, William, Thomas, and Ebenezer, and his son-in-law Andrew Evans (married to Fain’s only daughter Elizabeth) fought in the Battle of Kings Mountain. Another son David was killed by Indians. His last son Reuben has traditionally been credited with service in the Revolution, but I haven’t found documentation to verify that.

I don’t know of any other family risking so many lives for the Revolution. Later Fain and his sons protected the settlers in the Washington District as Indian fighters. It’s a shame that there is no monument recognizing the contributions of the Fains to the Revolution.

Although I’ve found references that Nicholas Fain was buried in Reed Cemetery, no one seems to know where the grave is. I’ve been to Jonesborough, searched the cemeteries, and enlisted the aid of the Jonesborough Genealogical Society. But I still haven’t found a grave or verified the date of his death.

Some sources say he died in 1783/1785, some say 1785, and some say 1789.

I’d like to recognize the Fain family in Adam’s Daughters for their remarkable service, and I would like to contact the Sons of the American Revolution to get Nicholas Fain’s grave marked as a Patriot of the Revolution.

Can anybody help me with documentation on Nicholas Fain and his family?

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