Next Book Announced at Galbreath-Mitchell Reunion

Lulubelle, Daisy, and I have been traveling. This past weekend we attended the 104th Galbreath-Mitchell reunion at Walnut Point State Park in Oakland, IL. Here is a group photo taken at the reunion. I really enjoyed visiting with these family members and talking about our common heritage.

On Sunday, July 18th, I made the big announcement that my next book will be Adam’s Sons, the story of  the exciting exploits of John Mitchell, along with his brothers William and Robert. The Galbreath-Mitchell Family are direct descendants of John Mitchell.

You may recall from earlier posts that my original plan was to write Rebeckah as the next and final book in the Westward Sagas. Rebeckah was my great great great grandmother and a strong and independent woman, and I will tell her story.

However, descendants of Adam Mitchell’s sons have asked me over and over again to tell their story, and as I learned more about them, I realized their story should be part of the Westward Sagas.

You can get an idea of what’s coming the book by reading the back of John Mitchell’s tombstone. You can click on the image for a larger image and then click on the larger image for a very large image.

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