New Year’s Resolutions

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to look ahead to 2007.

I have three major goals for the coming year:

1) Keep my family history files organized as I continue my genealogical research.
* I have created a separate file for every family member. Since so many of my ancestors have the same name, I put the birth and death dates along with the name on the label to make it easy to keep all the Adam Mitchells and other same-named relatives straight.
* Each file contains copies of articles and other written material, printouts of information found online, and hand-written notes of things I’ve been told.
* This comes in especially handy when I’m working on one generation or branch of the family and happen on something relating to someone in another generation or family line. By filing it in the appropriate folder, I can easily find it when I need it.

2) Publish Adam’s Daughters: Book 2 in the Westward Sagas. (I’m already a couple months behind because of serious family illness.)
* Review and self-edit the manuscript as I write so what I send to my editor is as clean as possible.
* Accept final cover art by January 15.
* Put cover art, blurb, and advance order form on Web site by January 31.
* Finish first draft of manuscript and send to editor by February 15.
* Complete final editing and send to designer by March 15.
* Create advance reading copies and send to reviewers by April 1.
* Approve final design and send to printer by April 15.
* Receive books from printer by May 15.
* Introduce book at Adam Mitchell Seminar on May 31.

3) Continue speaking on genealogy, history, and writing family history:
* Maintain memberships in Texas Authors Speak and the Writers’ League of Texas Speakers Bureau for speaking opportunities.
* Promote speaking through the Western Sagas Web site.
* Schedule an average of 1 or 2 speaking engagements per month.

Since I own a business, am active in several organizations, spend time with family, and share my life with Lulubelle, the above items should be enough to keep me busy. And these goals don’t even include the promotion I will do on Adam’s Daughters … or starting Book 3 in the second half of 2007.

I hope you achieve all your goals and resolutions and that 2007 is your best year ever.

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