New Cover for Spring House

When I first published Spring House, I insisted on hiring a fine artist to create an original oil painting to use for the cover art. After all the time and effort I had put into the book, nothing but the best would satisfy me in every aspect of publishing.

I loved the painting and how well the artist captured the spring house that is so important to the story. However, I have come to learn that fine art is not designed to be used on book covers and collateral advertising materials. Graphic illustrations are not only NOT second-best as I originally thought, but they are actually more effective, especially on the Web.

Therefore, I hired graphic artist Aundrea Hernandez, recommended by my editor Lillie Ammann, to create the cover for Adam’s Daughters. Aundrea is talented and professional, and I was thrilled with the cover. So thrilled, in fact, that I decided I had to have a new cover for Spring House. I think you’ll agree it’s gorgeous.


The spring house on the cover looks much like the spring house built by William Fain, son of Nicholas Fain that I visited in Tennessee.

The picture includes the Mitchell family members who hid in the spring house during the Battle for Guilford Courthouse: Grandmother Margaret Mitchell inside holding baby Elizabeth (Ibby), young Robert standing by the door with his gun, and Elizabeth outside with children Margaret (Peggy), Adam Jr., William, and John.

As soon as the remaining copies of Spring House are sold, we’ll do a second printing and submit the new cover to and other stores.

One thing about this publishing business: I’m always learning something new.

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