Merry Christmas!

davidlulubelle_christmas2008If you’re on my Christmas card list, you received a copy of this card in the mail. If you’re an online friend, this is your virtual card with Christmas greetings from Lulubelle and me.

Though I suspect Christmas cards are becoming obsolete, Lulubelle and I have received lots of lovely cards this holiday season. Some are addressed to both of us, some to me, and some to Lulubelle. The cards this year have been so special that we’ve decided to hold a contest to choose the best Christmas cards we’ve received this year. We’ll announce the results in a post before the end of the year.

Many people have stopped sending Christmas cards—maybe because of the expense (and with postage going up, sending cards is getting even more expensive), perhaps because of the time it takes to choose and sign cards and to stuff, address, and stamp the envelopes, or possibly because we’re just becoming so digitally oriented that sending postal mail is becoming a lost art. Until the passing of the Postal Service, Lulubelle and I are certainly enjoying sending and receiving Christmas cards.

We’re spending Christmas with family. One of the things we’ll make time to do during the holidays is to see the movie Marley and Me. The movie stars Jennifer Anniston and Owen Wilson, but the real star is Marley, a yellow Lab that looks just like Lulubelle. We’ve seen the trailers, and if you watch the movie or even this trailer, you’ll understand why the yellow Lab is America’s most popular dog.

Merry Christmas from David and Lulubelle!

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