Lulubelle, the Flying Dog

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you probably know that my best friend and companion is my yellow lab Lulubelle.

Lulubelle has assigned herself two important jobs that she takes very seriously:
1) Take me for a walk every morning.
2) Guard the truck whenever she goes anywhere with me (which is every chance she gets!).

Recently, I took her with me to get my truck serviced. The mechanic asked if I was going to take Lulubelle in the waiting room, but she insisted on remaining at her guard station in the back of the truck.

The mechanic was hesitant to raise the truck on the lift. “Are you sure she won’t jump out?” he asked.

I assured him that Lulubelle would be perfectly happy in the back of the truck as long it took. I was right. She stood guard in the back of the truck high in the air on the lift for more than an hour. Passers-by stopped to look and point, but Lulubelle didn’t see anything unusual about manning on her post as truck guard … even when the post was several feet up in the air!



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