Letter from Waterloo

While researching the founders of Austin, I found the following letter from the spring of 1839 to President Mirabeau Lamar describing what is now Austin, Texas. The letter has been transcribed exactly as written.

“Camp on Wilbarger’s Prairie.

I have just returned from Waterloo, the contemplated new seat of government, which I visited in company with Genl. Burleson. It is the most beautiful and at the same time the most sublime scene I ever saw. I know you will be delighted with it, and I frequently wished that you were present to enjoy the scenery as I saw it in all the majesty of nature and the verdure of Spring. The atmosphere was charged with the most delightful perfume and every shrub and every hill and every flower seemed to extend a welcome to the weary traveler. I never expected to realize your eloquent description of Texas till I saw the lands of the upper Colorado – There are an hundred of the most beautiful sites for building round the town level and Rome itself with all its famous hills could not have surpassed the natural scenery of Waterloo. When I have a better opportunity I will send you a landscape of the spot and the surrounding country…”

This letter was signed by W. Jefferson Jones, Waterloo, 15 April, 1839.

President Mirabeau Lamar 

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