Judge a Book by the Cover

We always hear, “You can’t judge a book by the cover.” Yet readers do that every day. It seems that book buyers look at the cover first when they’re shopping for a book. If the cover doesn’t appeal to them, they aren’t likely to pick up the book.

I had a clear picture of what I wanted for the cover of Spring House, but at one point, it seemed that the cover would be all wrong. You can read all about what happened – and how Spring House ended up with the perfect cover – in an interview at Judge a Book by the Cover.

After the book came out, I visited the area of Tennessee where the second book in the Westward Sagas, Adam’s Daughters, is set. I had the opportunity to visit a home built by William Fain, the son of Nicholas Fain, who was an important character in history and in my books. There I saw a real spring house that matched my vision. You can see a photo of the real spring house and the cover art side by side in an earlier post – and I think you’ll see why I’m so happy about the way the cover turned out.

Spring House

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