Happy Mother’s Day

I was fortunate to have had two mothers; both are gone but not forgotten. My birth mother Alta Puryear was born October 18, 1918. I never saw this picture of her in the “wild and wooly” attire until after her death on March 21, 1996. Seems she thought it was a bit risqué for her boys to see. My stepfather gave it to me after her death and it is my favorite picture of her taken in 1936. A life long friend of theirs thought the picture was made at the State Fair of Texas during the Centennial Celebration of Texas Independence.

My parent’s married November 23, 1935 and spent the first year on the family ranch near Spicewood, Texas. I remember stories she told of working with the livestock, which she didn’t enjoy, but, my father did. I assume that is why they chose to part ways after sixteen years of marriage.

On April 7, 1957, Ida Seaton became my other mother; she had to have loved my father because I came with the package. For forty years she worked beside my father, mending fences, tending to the livestock, and being a mother. I will remember two mothers on Mother’s Day.

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