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As wonderful as it is to see my name on the cover of a book as the author, the perks of writing about family history are even more exhilarating. I’m finding distant relatives I didn’t know, learning more about my ancestors, and hearing stories I can use in future books in The Westward Sagas.

Recently, Jerry Mitchell, his father, and his aunt Margaret Mitchell from Houston visited me. They wanted to be sure that the family they were reading about was really their family and became very excited to discover that we indeed share the Mitchell ancestors – Margaret even shares a name with Adam Mitchell’s mother.

We were talking about some of the incidents in the book, and I mentioned the bravery of the historical Margaret Mitchell in saving the family pewter from the British. Not only was the pewter valuable to the family, but it also could have been melted down by the British and used as ammunition against the Americans. Margaret Mitchell became very emotional upon hearing that story. She owns a piece of the family pewter – a pitcher! She didn’t know the history; she just knew that the piece had been in the family for generations. Knowing that at least one piece of the pewter collection is still in the family was as great for me as learning how the piece survived the Revolutionary War was to my distant relative.

If you are a descendant of Adam Mitchell or have any information about the family, fill out the contact form or get in touch with me by mail, phone, or e-mail. All my contact information is on the Web site. I’d love to hear your Mitchell Family stories!

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