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OEDLogoI’m excited about the opporunity to participate in a program for deployed soldiers to get free e-books. Having served a stint in the Navy, I’ve always been a big supporter of our troops. Now that I have a grandson deployed to Iraq, I do everything I can to let our military know how much I appreciate their service.

Author Ed Patterson chatted in an online forum about the Kindle with a soldier deployed to Iraq. The soldier owned a Kindle but couldn’t download books from Amazon to his e-book reader because the Whispernet service doesn’t work in Iraq. Ed offered to send the soldier his books for free, but he went further than that. He started spreading the word to other authors and soldiers— and the result is Operation EBook Drop.

Deployed soldiers contact Ed, who sends the information to participating authors. The authors then send soldiers the address of their book pages on Smashwords along with a coupon code for a 100% discount. Soldiers order from Smashwords using the discount code and receive their books for free. Smashwords publishes e-books in a variety of formats so soldiers who read on various e-book devices or on a computer or on a PDA can find a format that works for them.

As soon as I heard about this program, I knew I had to be part of it. Now Spring House and Adam’s Daughters are both available on Smashwords, and deployed soldiers can request a discount code to download the books at no cost.

If you know a soldier who would enjoy downloading free e-books, pass on the information about Operation EBook Drop. Deployed military members wanting free e-books can follow the instruction given on the Smashwords blog post about Operation EBook Drop, and they will soon start receiving links and discount codes from participating authors.

I encourage my fellow authors to participate in this program. Authors will find instructions on how to join in the same blog post about Operation EBook Drop.


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