Enjoying the Flags

Enjoying flags waving, my Great Grandson Adrian “Mikey” Seaton of Hockley County, is in awe of a flag display in Lubbock, TX. Mikey, only two, is enjoying the red, white and blue—stars and stripes flapping in the West Texas wind. Some day he will understand what these waving flags represent. He will learn that his; 7th Great Grandfather fought in the American Revolution, his 6th GGF the War of 1812, 5th GGF Texas Revolution, 4th GGF Civil War. A member of his family has served in every war since. Mikey’s favorite uncle, Justin, recently returned safely from two tours of duty in Iraq.

We pray Mikey will never go to war. If he doesn’t, we can be thankful to all who have served.


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