E-Books and Small Presses

The e-book edition of Spring House: Book 1 in the Westward Sagas is now available at a new online e-book store: Reader’s Eden. The store carries books from Writers Exchange E-Publishing, a number of other electronic publishers, and Plum Creek Press, Inc ., the publisher of the Westward Sagas.

This week, March 4-10, 2007, is also Read an E-book Week, so it’s a good time to try some of the e-books available in the new store. Even if you’re one of the people who prefer a “real book,” you might enjoy trying an e-book. You can experience new writers without spending much money; if you really enjoy the e-book, you can buy future books from that author in print. If you don’t like the book … well, you haven’t spent much to find out you’d prefer another writer.

The month of March is also Small Press Month. Plum Creek Press is one of the thousands of small independent publishers who provide 80% of the books published each year (according to the Small Press Month Web site). It is also one of more than 4,000 members of PMA, the Independent Book Publishers Association, one of several organizations sponsoring Small Press Month.

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