Critique, POV, and Good Stories

Two hours out of my week are spent with a small group of fellow authors, several of whom are published and some of whom are working on their first novel. We offer moral support and constructive critique of the each other’s writing. We take home ten to twelve pages of the others’ works each week to read and bring back the next week to critique in an open forum. Usually the group consists of three women, another male, and me.

The input from the women has been invaluable to me as Adam’s Daughters, the sequel to Spring House, is the first novel that I have written from the point of view of a young woman. I never thought about the complexities of a male developing a story from the POV of a woman until I got into the details of writing Margaret “Peggy” Mitchell’s story.

One of the published authors from the group, Karen Roth, has just finished the manuscript of her latest novel. My Portion Forever is a wonderful story set in South Africa during the Second World War. Karen amazed me with her knowledge of this time period that passed long before her birth. She told me that her father, Sgt. Alvin Oujiri, served in Italy, France, and Germany under General Patton in the 3rd Army. He told her many stories that led to her interest in American history.

Karen and I have shared our works in progress and followed the plot and character development of one another’s stories. Once the ink is dry on My Portion Forever and my manuscript Adam’s Daughters is at the printers, I look forward to sitting back in my easy chair with my dog Lulubelle at my side and a copy of My Portion Forever. I know it will be an entertaining read.

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