Common Sense by Thomas Paine- the pamphlet that started a revolution

Last week, I spoke to students in the school library at Kenedy Middle School in Kenedy, Texas. As someone intensely interested in history, especially the American Revolution, I was surprised that the library did not own a copy of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense.

The pamphlet, originally published anonymously, became an instant bestseller in both the Colonies and Europe. Several later editions were published, making Paine famous. Common Sense was the first public call for a declaration of independence from Great Britain.

According to the The Fieldston School’s United States History Survey site: “Close to 150,000 copies were sold within three months. and possibly as many as 500,000 copies all together, to a colonial population of but two and half million people. More than any other single publication, Paine’s Common Sense persuaded public opinion of the case for independence from Great Britain.”

Archiving Early America says this: “It all started with Common Sense, the writing that sparked an American Revolution.”

This document is so important to our history that I’m sending a copy to the school library.

All writers dream of making an impact on the world with their words. Thomas Paine started a revolution with his.

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