Children of the Revolution

THE END, the most difficult two words I ever typed; struggling for the last year to bring The Children of the Revolution, an epic tale of the Adam Mitchell family to a conclusion. Thirty years of research now printed on a 394 page manuscript; if this story was fiction, and characters not my ancestors, the task might have been easier.

Brothers; Robert, William, John, their sisters Peggy and Ibby were truly the children of the American Revolution. The youngsters hid in the spring house with their Mother Elizabeth and Grandmother Margaret, as their father fought the British during the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. British General Cornwallis said of the battle “I never saw such fighting since God made me.”

The battle started on the Hoskins land that adjoined the farm of Adam Mitchell and ended near the Mitchell home next to the original Guilford County Courthouse. At the time, the community was simply called Guilford Courthouse, now Greensboro, North Carolina.

The Westward Sagas series is not about the fighting. Only one chapter in Book One, Spring House, describes the battle. Book Two, Adam’s Daughters, and Book Three, The Children of the Revolution, are about how witnessing this bloody battle affected the children, who all survived to become first generation Americans. Future books will continue as they migrate westward to Texas.

The manuscript of book three is in my editor’s hands and advanced readers have been sent out. Hopefully soon, we will be ready to publish. To my loyal readers, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE.

After the Battle

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