Chester Inn

The Chester Inn plays a prominent role in Adam’s Daughters and Children of the Revolution, books in my Westward Sagas series. In the early 19th century, Jonesborough, Tennessee was the gateway to the west. Dr. Chester’s inn on Main Street was a popular respite for travelers on the road from Philadelphia. It hosted three Presidents: Andrew Jackson, James Polk and Andrew Johnson. While a visiting judge, Andrew Jackson saved it from burning to the ground in 1802. The historic site is now owned by the Tennessee Historical Commission.

In Children of the Revolution, I wrote a scene that took place on the porch of the Chester Inn the first week of February 1815. One of my advanced readers, who grew up in the area, advised that the porch was not added until years later and doubted the characters would have been sitting outside during the winter. I moved the characters into the parlor. I imagined the fireplace and chairs having never been in the room. I left the mention of the porch in the book since Adam’s Daughters had the porch on the cover.

I recently toured the renovated Chester Inn. I entered the parlor to view a room just like I described in Children of the Revolution. It is a little spooky seeing something that you wrote about, having never seen it before and it being just as you described it. This has happened more than once; perhaps my ancestors are helping me write their story.


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