Any Descendants of Lt. John Armstrong Out There?

My readers have been great to help me find information on people who are characters in The Westward Sagas. I gave some examples in Two Important Things: Accuracy and Assistance. Now I’m asking for help again.

Lt. John Armstrong, 1st Regiment, US Army, is an important character in Adam’s Daughters: Book 2 in the Westward Sagas.

According to the book History of the Lost State of Franklin by Samuel Cole Williams (Watauga Press, 1924), Lt. Armstrong arrived in Washington County, NC (aka the State of Franklin) on April 8, 1788. Inhabitants of the western counties of North Carolina (now northeastern Tennessee) petitioned for the area to be ceded as a separate state. During those the tumultuous times, Lt. Armstrong was sent by Secretary of War Henry Knox to investigate whether the Franklin Militia planned an armed expedition to Spanish-controlled Louisiana. He interviewed “the most intelligent men” and returned to Philadelphia to submit his report to Secretary Knox.

I’ve done extensive research on the events in the State of Franklin and have confirmed the dates, times, places, and people involved. I have verified Lt. Armstrong’s actions in the State of Franklin and his report to the Secretary of War. Lt. Armstrong was one of the first spies of the United States, a year before the Constitution was ratified.

What I haven’t been able to determine is what happened to him after he made his report to Secretary Knox. I haven’t found anything else about him.

Sometime around 1790, a couple of years after Lt. Armstrong’s investigation in the State of Franklin, a Lt. John Armstrong was sent by Secretary Knox to the Missouri River to determine whether an expedition to the West was feasible. That was the origins of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, though it was many years before the expedition happened.

Was this Lt. John Armstrong the same Lt. John Armstrong who investigated the military plans of the State of Franklin? Since both missions were assigned by Secretary Knox, it seems plausible. But John Armstrong is not an uncommon name, and I haven’t found anything to confirm that the two missions were conducted by the same man.

If anyone has information that can help solve this puzzle and provide more information about Lt. John Armstrong, please make a comment below or e-mail me. I’ll be very grateful for any help you can give.

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