Several years ago, I began to hear about social media. I am not quick to embrace new technology; agents and publishers said as an author, I should have a social media presence. Out of the many types of this media, I chose Facebook. I have been using it almost a year and have found it a useful tool to communicate with other writers and readers about the Westward Sagas series. It is not my choice of communication with close friends and family; a simple phone call, email, or snail mail works much better for me (HINT).

FB, unlike your website, can be tweaked by others easily and changes they make can alter things detrimentally on your page, hence the title of my post ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA. A business associate mentioned that I might want to take a good look at my FB profile. Upon checking it, I noticed by birthday was listed for the world to see, which I immediately changed. Scrolling down to check other items, I found under Music a picture of this weird looking dude making an obscene gesture.

The last time I checked my Profile Page, under Music it said “I liked both kinds of music, country and western.” I thought it was clever when I set-up my profile. Apparently, there is a band named Both Kinds of Music and that’s the picture FB placed in the Music block for me.

I am not sure how it happened, but, it did and I am embarrassed. It has been corrected, thanks to my business associate bringing it to my attention. Those that saw it, I apologize. I am frequently asked to speak at schools and churches; therefore, this COWBOY STORYTELLER would never have posted such a picture.

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