And the Winners Are …

Christmas Card Day

I’m sure you all have been anxiously waiting to know the winners of this year’s Christmas card contest. The committee deliberated over the last of the eggnog into the wee hours of the morn. There were so many great cards picking a winner was most difficult, and I would like to give honorable mention to a few.

Long time friend Ray Bini from Fort Myers sent a very impressive ecard with lots of lights and snow flakes. Sorry, Ray, there is no category for an electronic card.

Mysterious cards were in this year; I received one postmarked Kansas and signed just Brenda—no last name or address. Her entry was disqualified as I know of at least three Brendas up the yellow brick road. Then came a custom-made card with no name but the picture of the front of the Bill & Virginia Van Cleave house. The home is so well known in San Antonio everyone knows who it belongs to. They receive the Best Custom Card Award.

Woody and Margaret Mueller sent a pretty card that was eliminated from competition because of the Toll House chocolate pie attached to it. Note the committee gave it serious consideration, but after much deliberation was able to maintain its credibility. However, it was unanimously voted the best pie received this year.

The best animal card award goes to Courtland and Pat Snyder who sent an impressive card of a Texas Longhorn with horns that looked like peppermint swirled candy, and its brand was the silhouette of a Christmas tree.

The best religious card goes to John Steinberg; his card had an illustration of Baby Jesus in a manger, with a simple statement “When you get right down to it, He’s the only thing that matters.” Several were received that reminded us of “The Reason for the Season.”

The Puryear Family (Gary and Jennifer) of Fitzhugh, Texas, tied with the Azachi Family (Mel & Yoav) of Cedar Park, Texas, for “Best Family Picture Card.”

The “Best Overall Card” (drum roll here please) comes from neighbor Debby Bell, who has won this coveted honor once before. The card is very unique, like Debby’s first winning card—such a work of art could only be handmade. On the back it says Licensed by Penny Lane Publishing, Inc.

Thank you to all who sent Christmas cards. For the first time in years, the girls and I had Christmas at Goat Creek with family. Your cards on the mantel and sofa table served to remind us of your friendship.

We wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.   

photo credit: Mosman Library

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