An Autographed Picture – of Lulubelle

If you’re read my bio, you’ll know that my best friend and constant companion is my yellow Lab, Lulubelle.

In preparing to publish Spring House, I hired a professional photographer. He shot photos of me in several poses, including the one planned for the book: me in a business suit alongside stacks of books, looking, I thought, very professional and “book-ish.”

However, when my editor saw the photos, she insisted the best one was a picture of me with my friend Lulubelle.

“Shouldn’t my author photo be more formal … serious …?” I asked.

“No,” she insisted. “This is perfect. Readers aren’t looking for an author who looks like a stuffy professor.”

I should have known. People always fall in love with Lulubelle wherever I take her. Now readers are falling in love with her picture. I thought readers would want to get to know me – the author – and get my autograph. No, they want to meet Lulubelle – they want her autograph!

Lulubelle autographed pictureSince I believe in giving readers what they want, I’m offering a free autographed picture of Lulubelle. If you order Spring House online, you’ll receive Lulubelle’s autographed picture along with your book. Or you can sign up for our mailing list – we won’t overload your mailbox and we will protect your privacy – and receive Lulubelle’s picture by mail.

Lulubelle is so popular, I’ve made her a character in Adam’s Daughters. Nothing in my stories will ever contradict history, but my imagination will create things that might have happened. Surely Peggy, Rebeckah, and Ibby must have had a dog growing up in Tennessee in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. So, I’m imagining they had a dog named Lulubelle that is an eighteenth century version of my modern-day Lulubelle.

I hope you enjoy Lulubelle’s picture and her antics – both the imaginary Lulubelle in my story and the real Lulubelle of today! She’s been with me every step of the way in writing The Westward Sagas.

I hope you’ll read my stories … and want my autograph too! When you order your book at Westward Sagas, your copy will be autographed, and you can even request a special inscription.

So with your order, you’ll get a story that has received acclaim from reviewers and readers, the autograph of the author, and an autographed picture of the inspiration for a character in Adam’s Daughters!

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