I acknowledged the editors, Lillie Ammann and Jan McClintock, in the short space dedicated to such things in my book Children of the Revolution. Editors do the work of a word smith, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. The Advanced Readers read the manuscript for content – the meat of the story.

The readers for Children of the Revolution were selected for their reading expertise and knowledge of information pertinent to the work. My editor suggests never using anyone that loves you. Remember, the oft told joke “Do I look fat in this dress?” The Advanced Readers that helped bring this book to life are listed below.

Sue Carter is a descendent of William G. Butler, a famous South Texas rancher. Sue is President of the Karnes County Historical Society. She was chosen for her knowledge of history and being a rancher, her feel for the earth. Paul Ruckman, also a rancher, historian and avid reader has contributed towards each book in the Westward Sagas series. Ann Winkler Hinrichs, Mitchell Family Genealogist, provided much research and advice. Bill Willis is the best copy editor, I know, and co-founder of our small critique group. Bonnie Disney, a well-qualified advanced reader, educator for forty years having taught English, is now on the South Carolina State Board of Education. Carole Cordova, a stickler for details, knows my characters well and will let me know when one is out of character. Katherine Goodloe, also an English teacher with wonderful input and suggestions.  Dorothy Breezee provided the editors with a well-written list of suggestions, many you will see in the book. Betty Jane Hylton, President of the Washington County Historical Society, whose vast knowledge of the geography of Eastern Tennessee and events kept the story accurate. Cousin Lester Bowles and his wife Barbara have also contributed to making the Westward Sagas series a reality.

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