A Quick Update … and Introducing a Great Organization:ISFHWE

I’m still on my blogging holiday – working on Adam’s Daughters: Book 2 in the Westward Sagas. This is taking longer than expected because I’m having to do a lot of digging in my research. I’ve asked for – and received – help in previous posts. I appreciate the information I’ve received, but some of it has been conflicting so I’m still researching.

Recently, I discovered and joined ISFHWE, the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors.

ISFHWE’s primary goal is to encourage excellence in writing and editorial standards in genealogical publishing. This embraces all media, including newspapers, magazines, newsletters, professional journals, books (including compiled family histories), online columns, society and personal Web sites, Web logs (blogs), podcast, and broadcast journalism of all sorts.

The organization started back in 1987 as the Council of Genealogy Columnists. As it expanded, the name was changed in 2000 to include all areas of genealogical publishing, not just newspaper columns.

isfhwe-logo-jpg-smallISFHWE publishes Columns, an excellent newsletter. It also holds an annual contest to encourage high standards in genealogical writing. The contest includes several categories for published writers and a category for unpublished writers.

For the nominal dues of $15/year, you are eligible to participate in the contest, join the members’ mailing list, and even take advantage of a book promotion opportunity. I’m glad I joined, and I encourage anyone who writes or edits in the areas of family history and genealogy to enjoy the benefits of this great group.

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