A Free Download of Spring House for Read an E-Book Week

Read an E-Book Week begins today and runs through Saturday. Many publishers and authors are offering free or discounted e-books this week to encourage readers to “read an e-book.”

Are you as surprised as I was to learn that this year is the 40th anniversary of the creation of the first “e-book”? The website for Read an E-Book Week covers the history of e-books,  including the following:

It’s now 1971 and enter Michael Hart. Mr. Hart was handed a real boon – $100,000.00 worth of computer time with a Xerox Sigma V mainframe computer. He decided that the greatest value created by computers would not be computing, but would be the storage, retrieval, and searching of what was stored in our libraries. The first “e-book” was born—a copy of the Declaration of Independence. Those humble beginnings would become Project Gutenberg. Today Project Gutenberg houses 20,000 free texts and over 100,000 books are available through their partners. Today over 3,000,000 books are downloaded each month.

I’m celebrating the week by offering you a free download of Spring House: Book 1 in the Westward Sagas. You can download a PDF of Spring House here—the link will be valid this week only. Open the link, select File/Save As and save to your hard drive. Or you can visit my Smashwords page to select another format. You can also find many other free books at Smashwords this week.

Be sure to visit the Read an E-Book Week Partners page to find great offers from authors, publishers, booksellers, and websites. Many books are free and others are deeply discounted. If you’ve never read an e-book, this is your chance to do so—for free. If, like me, you’re an e-book lover, this is your chance to stock up on great books for free.

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