A Confession and a Surprise

I don’t usually read women’s magazines … but when I heard there was something about me in San Antonio Woman, I had to take a look.

The first article I read, of course, was Bookshelf, a monthly feature by Barbara Higdon. She had attended the Barnes & Noble New Writers panel I was on a while back, and she included photos and descriptions of the authors’ books in her column.

I basked in her complimentary words about Spring House: “a compelling story with romance, adventure and a slice of American history- what more could you ask of a book?”

Then I started flipping through the pages to see what else was in the magazine. And I confess – I was surprised and impressed.

The magazine is a thick glossy lifestyle publication – well-designed and well-written. And I enjoyed reading an article (beginning on page 193) about Demitra and Samanthe Peterson, the twin daughters of my friend of many years, Carl Peterson. I’m proud of these young ladies’ dedicated work for the San Antonio Zoo. They started volunteering as teenagers and now both animal-lovers work full-time at the zoo. 

And the entertainment section of the magazine, “Bravo! San Antonio,” included an article (beginning on page B-22) about planning a party, written by my long-time business associate Caryn Hasslocher, owner of Fresh Horizons Catering.

I suspect there are articles by or about other friends and associates, but I haven’t read all 200+ pages … yet.

If you’re in the San Antonio area and you haven’t seen San Antonio Woman, you ought to. It’s a great magazine – even for a man!

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