20,000 Cousins

The family of Revolutionary War Patriot Adam Mitchell 1745-1802 according to statisticians (high paid mathematicians), has over 20,000 living descendents. That’s what I would call a good size family. The numbers at first blew me away and I had my doubts as to their accuracy.

I extrapolated the numbers myself just from my GGG Grandmother Rebeckah Mitchell Smith, the third daughter born to Adam and Elizabeth Mitchell b. 6 Jan 1782 in Guilford County, NC. Adam had twelve children that survived to adulthood, daughter Rebeckah and Thomas W. Smith had five children, their daughter Margaret and Lorenzo Van Cleve had five of which their first born, Elnora Van Cleve b. 14 Apr 1841 aka “First Daughter of Austin, Texas” and her husband Dan Brown had twelve children that lived to adulthood. Their youngest Lillie Brown, my Grandmother and Grandfather John W. Bowles had five.

Since I started the Westward Sagas Series of books about the Adam Mitchell family coming to Texas, four branches of Adam’s twelve children have been reunited. They are descendents of Robert b. 17 Feb 1767, John b. 4 May 1774, Rebeckah b. 6 Jan 1782 and Hezekiah b. 10 Mar 1792. Each branch holds their own family reunion. I try to attend all of them because I always learn something old.

The Granddaddy of all family reunions is the “Galbreath Reunion” which is holding their 105th Reunion on Sunday, 17 Jul 2011 at Walnut State Park, Oakland, IL. This family stems from John Mitchell and John Galbreath early settlers of Cole County, IL. Both are buried in the Mitchell Cemetery, Ashmore, IL. The Mitchell name over the generations has petered out as it has in my family, but they are as I am descendents of Adam Mitchell. Thankfully the Galbreath has done much research and maintained accurate records of their lineage. The Adam Mitchell Bible I refer to often in my work is maintained by this branch of the family. For more information on the Galbreath Reunion contact Ann Hinrichs at annewc615@aol.com

We have yet to locate any descendents of the following children of Adam and Elizabeth Mitchell. If you are from one of the Adam Mitchell children below, please contact us and join the ranks of 20,000 cousins.

William Mitchell b. 17 Feb 1771
Adam Mitchell b. 5 Apr 1776
Elizabeth “Ibby” Mitchell b. 15 Dec 1780
Jennett Mitchell b. 29 Apr 1783
Samuel Mitchell b. 29 Mar 1786
David Mitchell b. 4 Feb 1788
James Mitchell b. 24 Feb 1790

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